Start your BBQ with a banger! Find out why our winning sausage is anything but common in the UK.

A staple at any kind of barbeque, for our taste test this year we attempted everything from ale-tippled boozy bangers as well as breakfast sausages to Moroccan-style mini ones bursting with tons of flavour.

We had not one however three chilli cheese offerings with the likes of Aldi, M&S and Tesco fighting it out for finest of its course. Among them secured the top area in our trial run, racking up an impressive 83/100.

Continue reading to learn whose sausage deserves the grill this summer season!

Tesco Finest pork and stilton

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Pork and also cheese may sound like a doubtful combination, yet these acclaimed, smooth sausages from Tesco are surprisingly sexy. They likewise boast a completely decent 75 per cent meat web content, which is good for the rate. I wouldn’t overload them with gravy, which will mask their fragile flavour. They would certainly be excellent with bubble and squeak…

The Essex Pig Company’s Cambridge sausage

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This peerless British sausage is made on the farm of Jamie Oliver’s companion Jimmy Doherty, which, I suppose, makes it a star sausage. Including 93 per cent meat and also experienced with white pepper, nutmeg as well as ginger, it’s a wonderful ad for simpleness (the recipe dates from 1917). I have actually additionally tried the Essex Pork as well as the Ipswich Blue, which are excellent, too.

Denhay cured smoked pork


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A recent discovery from among my favourite little producers, the Dorset-based Denhay Farms, this appealingly smoky 100 per cent meat (so gluten-free) sausage is made from pork as well as their prize-winning dry-cured bacon. It’s a somewhat Germanic-style sausage that would certainly be wonderful with braised cabbage or sauerkraut – and also a wonderful chilly German brew. There’s likewise an unsmoked variation.

Richard Woodall’s Waberthwaite Cumberland

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A splendidly weighty banger that vies with the Cambridge sausage as my favourite. It is available in the distinct coil that is characteristic of the Cumberland, as is its high meat content. The recipe has actually been utilized for years by the Woodall family members, the seventh as well as eighth generations of which still run the business out of the village post-office at Waberthwaite in Cumbria.

The Ginger Pig Toulouse

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It’s hard to single out one sausage from The Ginger Pig‘s exceptional array, which is based on its own Gloucester Old Spot, Berkshire as well as Tamworth pigs. However, the Toulouse is typical of its technique; working to an authentic dish and also utilizing only the most effective raw components. It’s a whopper – coarsely ground, intensely weighty, simply asking to be hidden in a cassoulet. And you can have it with or without garlic.


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