8 Funny Facts About Pigs

The unassuming pig is a long way from ‘boaring’ – here at ThePigSite, we’ve aggregated a rundown of ten things you may not think about these astounding creatures

“Quiet down, mum! We’re as of now sleeping!”

1. Infant piglets figure out how to race to their moms’ voices, and can perceive their very own names when they’re 2 weeks old. Sows have even been known to ‘sing’ to their young while nursing!

“Run, Pig, run!”

2. Feel that pigs are moderate and blundering? Incidentally, they’re not in any manner! Grown-up pigs can run at rates of up to 11mph, or as such, they can run a seven-minute mile. Would you be able to do any better?

“Who’re you calling ‘sweat-soaked’?”

3. On the off chance that you’ve at any point proposed that somebody was ‘perspiring profusely’, at that point you’d not be right. Pigs have scarcely any perspiration organs, and perhaps the most ideal ways for them to chill off is to flounder in the entirety of that wonderful mud. Snap here to study pig life systems!

“Pigs can’t fly, however we can screech!”

4. A pig’s screech can be as uproarious as 115 decibels – that is 3 decibels higher than the sound of a supersonic aircraft.

“In this way, at that point I said to her… “

5. What’s more, when they’re not screeching, they’re talking. Pigs discuss continually with one another, and in excess of 20 unique vocalizations have been recognized; from charming a mate to stating ‘I’m eager!”

“Go on, come nearer. I guarantee I won’t hurt you… “

6. Also, when they’re not either screeching or talking, pigs will eat nearly anything – including human bones. In 2012, a rancher in Oregon, America, was eaten by his pigs in the wake of having a respiratory failure and falling into their nook. When a concerned relative came searching for him, just his false teeth were left. To get familiar with pig nourishment, click here.


“Turn over, Susan! I’m attempting to get that Frisbee… “

7. They might be aimless eaters, yet pigs are likewise profoundly insightful and unbelievably social creatures. At the point when kept in a gathering they will cuddle near each other, and want to rest nose-to-nose. Studies have likewise indicated that, much like people, they dream. Snap here to become familiar with bunch lodging of sows and why it’s essential to hit the nail on the head!

“Me? I’m not a pig. I’m a night light!”

8. What’s more, envisioning isn’t the main manner by which pigs are like people – their hereditary cosmetics is additionally extremely near our own. Along these lines, undifferentiated cells from pigs are being utilized by researchers to look into remedies for human maladies. To follow the cells once they’ve been infused, Chinese geneticists have crossed a pig with a jellyfish, creating piglets whose tongues and trotters sparkle fluorescent green in UV light.

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